“I’ll take your hand”: Lisa-Maria Presley visited the Golden Globes two days before she died

The ceremony was attended by Elvis Presley’s one and only daughter in support of a film about her father. Journalists, photographers, and other guests who were present at the event observed the star’s unsteady gait and her lack of communication.

Michael Jackson’s first wife answered questions from Austin Butler, the lead actor in the film about the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, while she spoke slowly and deliberately. Even at one point, Liza-Maria required outside aid.

She approached Jerry Schilling and offered to grab his hand. Both Elvis Presley and his daughter are close friends of this manager. In fact, as he did so, the artist still relied on his hand.

The latest performance of Lisa-most Maria is being discussed on the network. If you’re not feeling well, why go to the event? When you first see her, you can immediately sense that something is wrong with her. Didn’t anyone think she should visit the doctor straight away? How can you take care of your health that way? Blog writers wrote.

Elvis Presley’s daughter went into cardiac arrest. Lisa-Maria passed away in the hospital due to medical failure.

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