It’s not for the faint of heart: honest photos of the Grammy star caused consternation

Stars who use Photoshop are frequently chastised. However, Lizzo, a rapper, experienced the exact reverse.

The Grammy Award winner ran into issues since she published authentic images on her blog. In a little swimwear and without any decorations. Some viewers complimented Lizzo for her bravery and expressed amazement at her attitude toward her flaws, but the majority of viewers pointed out that the artist overstepped the mark by advocating body acceptance. Such quantities are not cause for pride, according to the comments:

“There’s nothing left of the style icon. It looks horrible”, “This whole thing looks horrible! I respect you as a singer, but this one is too much”,

“This foot-tumba is definitely 80 kg”, “Stop it, please”, “My eyes are bursting now. Already crossed the line. You should see a doctor.”

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