4-year-old boy was hailed as a hero after saving his little brother from drowning in a pool

A 4-year-old boy from California, USA became known as a hero after saving his brother from drowning. 

In early November, 4-year-old Mason Ochoa of Los Angeles was relaxing at his parents’ house.

When the boy looked out the window in the afternoon, he noticed that his 1-year-old brother Nicolas had fallen into the pool. Mason immediately ran to help him. The boy grabbed his brother’s hand, raised his head above the water, and cried out for help. The boys’ mother ran to the screams and pulled Nicholas out of the water.

The woman asked her husband to call an ambulance because her son was red in the face and not breathing.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene managed to save the child from suffocation. A doctor later examined him and found nothing serious. Local rescuers appreciated what 4-year-old Mason did. They invited the boy to the fire station, drove his car, turned on the water hose, and tried on his uniform.

After that, the child received a hero award. The fire chief joked that in about 14 years he would gladly accept Mason’s job.

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