A little girl throws a tantrum in the middle of her dance, and look how her friend reacts

These 2-year-old little princesses in pink clothes made a great impression on the audience. There were only 5 of them doing the dancing routine.

Melissa L. Potts’ kid decided to have a stage tantrum. The baby was sad and her tantrum made a great impression.

Every girl wants to be a princess. Most people want to wear pink dresses, perform ballet, and live in a fairytale world of music, magic, and princes on horseback. Melissa’s daughter is indifferent. At that point, she hit a kite. When she was heard crying while listening to music, her companions tried to help her.

But she declined. No one knows what upsets them, but we do know how toddlers react. They can’t handle their emotions yet.

Cry and throw tantrums as she is 2 years old.

Public outbursts by young children are frustrating. Parents and others need to empathize and be tolerant.
Melissa’s daughter is no exception. Maybe they were hungry or tired before going on stage. No one enjoys uncomfortable situations.
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