Baby Takes First Steps And Falls Over With Laughter

Capturing a child’s first steps on video is one of the happiest moments for parents, and it happened to Olivia’s mother in 2016.

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Olivia is one of the six daughters of the Busby family. Adam and Daniel also have quintuplets, five of which! Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker are all the same age, and their older sister Blayke is four years older than her. Her parents, Adam and Daniel Busby run a popular blog called It’s A Buzz World, and the whole family has appeared on the TLC reality show Outdaughtered.


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The quintuplets are now little kids, years behind from their first steps. But when their mother first posted Olivia’s first steps video in 2016, it was hugely popular. It’s easy to see why. Because it’s a positive clip that will surely make you smile.

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