Young boy risks his life to protect younger siblings from vicious dog attack

A 12-year-old boy receives praise and heroic recognition for protecting his brother from a vicious dog attack.
Sixth grader Deacon Ashmore was walking with his two sisters and his brother in a Detroit neighborhood when two violent dogs attacked them out of nowhere.

Without hesitation, Deacon stepped ahead of his brothers and defended them from the oncoming dogs.

The two dogs pounced on Deacon’s older brother (age 5), two sisters (age 9 and 7), and other children who were playing outside at that time.

Deacon got ahead of them and allowed his brothers and other children to escape, but he was attacked by the dogs. His mother, Elizabeth Ashmore, said Deacon “jumped in front of all the other kids so they could get home really fast before the dogs caught them.”

Deacon was able to fight off one of the dogs, whose jaws were pinned around its leg, by punching it until it let go. However, his leg was badly injured, with one bone visible and bleeding profusely, but fortunately no broken bones.

Overnight he was hospitalized and discharged the next day. He was scheduled to use crutches for several weeks. His GoFundMe campaign was launched to help the family pay for Deacon’s medical bills, raising over $25,000.

That was the attack that happened in May. Deacon’s father also said that his son’s main concern was whether his brothers would get home safely, showing his selflessness and courage during the attack.

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