The most beautiful girl grew up: What Tilan Blondo looks like today

Even if you don’t know the name of this beautiful little girl you have seen her wonderful photos once. Her name is Tilan Blondo.

Эволюция образов Тилан Блондо | ELLE

She is the daughter of the former model and actress Veronica Lubry and soccer player Patrik Blondo.

Фото: Самая красивая девочка в мире: как менялась с годами внешность Тилан  Блондо , фотографии, картинки, изображения, -

Tilan Blondo’s modeling career started when she was 4 years old, She started her debut at the Gaultier show.

Самая красивая девочка в мире" Тилан Блондо рассказала, как чуть не умерла  из-за неудачной операции | HELLO! Russia

The young model was in a scandal at the age of 10. She took part in a shoot that didn’t coincide with her age. But she didn’t lose her reputation. But time passed and the blue-eyed blonde has become an extremely different girl with dark hair.

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