Dolphin send gifts from of the water to those who are missing human contact due to the COVID-19 epidemic

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, dolphins offer gifts to people who are missing human interaction.

An entire school of whales has been bringing gifts from the water to their human friends during the coronavirus outbreak in Australia. Following are some instances of customers queuing up to feed treats to the whale dolphin at Tin Can Beach at Geelong’s Barnacles Café & Dolphin Feeder.

However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent shutdown measures, the café has been largely empty for a very long period. Pictures posted on the café’s Facebook page show two dolphin with “gifts” on their noses. Among the unfathomable richness are coral fragments, barnacles, and old jars.

The note continues, “The pods has been bringing us occasional gifts, saying us how they value the community consultation and appreciation.” They must be harming you all, I’m sure. Fortunately, the restrictions in the area have been relaxed, so customers are again allowed to come back.

One male whale brings items in and tenderly gives them to us on his platform or tongue, according to Lyn McPherson, a restaurant assistant, who spoke to The Outlet. The only thing left to do would be to give him a fish. “He taught us how to do it, but we didn’t train him to do it.”

She claimed that Mystiqu, a whale who was 29 years old, was responsible for most of the gift-giving. “We think he has a lot planned for us,”

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