During her IVF treatment Veronica Rae El Papa believes she’s not equipped for prеgnаnt women I Continue To put It Off says the narrator

Veronica Rae El Papa says she is unprepared for pregnant women after undergoing IVF therapy. I keep putting it off, the narrator claims.

He has acknowledged the desire for a child shared by her and Ahmed Al Moussa. Sell Dusk’s actress claimed she and her partner are

She is “not ready” to establish a family just yet, but she intends to “seed” soon through IVF.

I have a lot going on. I’ve been getting well. “I’ve gone through a lot with my health,” Veronica said to E! News Daily Pop, “and I want to feel very amazing before I do anything.”

“I don’t want to become pregnant as I have a frantic, busy few months ahead of me.” Later on in the year, perhaps in the fall, we’ll do it. So, yes, that is my plan of action. I frequently put things off.

She said, “I’ve already raised two kids, so I know I’ll be a good mother.” She says, “I know I’m a great parent, but I don’t know how my brain reacts after delivering your child and going through all of that, plus I’m busy.” When I blink, the day has already passed, she said.

“I don’t accomplish enough, and I’m concerned about how I’ll care for a baby while also pregnant.”

What happens if I feel nauseous? What happens if I don’t feel well? I’ll have to put it off for a long because I don’t even have time for it right now, but I’m looking forward to it.

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