Eva Marcille who is a member of RHOA is expecting her number 4 kids let’s congratulate

Let’s congratulate Eva Marcille, a member of “RHOA,” on the impending birth of her fourth child.

Oh, my dear! At the age of 37, Eva M. is expecting her fourth child. At the age of 37, Eva M. is expecting her fourth child! The Reality TV of Atlanta alumna shared the exciting news on Instagram on April 1, 2022, promising her 4.6 thousand followers that “the cat would be out of the bag!”

She was serious about her new kid even though it was April Fool’s Day. Her statement, which featured a lovely picture of her and her husband Mike Sterling snuggling while on a lovely trip, revealed she was ecstatic.

In the picture, his girlfriend was wearing a dark grey sweatshirt that matched his and was sporting a crimson Yankees cap, eyeglasses, and a casual outfit.

“There’s still one more!” We’re thrilled that perhaps the cat is out of the bag now. I lost my vacation, I thought. Eva made a light-hearted remark.

She said, “However, I could never be happy.”

The model also shared the prior Instagram post from her lover. The delighted woman continued, “My family, Eva, and I are also thrilled to welcome our new arrival, cute Madison, into the Sterling clan this summer. He sang to a friend of his named Demetric Moody and said, “You just become an uncle.

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