Expecting a kid In a thin dress Britney S. echoes Rihanna’s sultry pregnancy nice outfit nice photos

Awaiting a child in a light dress Rihanna’s seductive pregnancy look is echoed by Britney S.

B.Spears is sporting the cutest maternity wardrobe right now, and here at HollywoodLife, we are totally getting Rihanna pregnancy wear vibes from it! The Prince of Pop shared a picture on Instagram on Friday while wearing a short dress with a transparent paisley top. A dark bra and underwear were seen just beneath Britney’s transparent attire. A pair of brown boots finished off her look.

Rihanna, who has been changing the rules of the game for expectant women by having to take off boring and big clothes to cover up her wonderful baby tummy, wore an almost identical ensemble.

In contrast, Rihanna has recently been rocking some rather sinister pregnant outfits, including a sheer dark dress over a dark bra and dark underpants.

Given that the two have a history of donning skimpy attire, it would only make sense for Britney to go all out in support of her seductive new pregnancy appearance. The song “S&M” by Britney Spears and Rihanna was performed at the 2011 Music Awards. For the spectacular performance, she wore a light-colored corset with a snap-on top of fasteners.

Britney wore a collar that resembled black latex and was similar in style to Rihanna’s. Rihanna revealed that she was expecting her partner A$AP Rocky’s child at a photo shoot in New York. On the other side, she recently learned that she was expecting her first child.

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