I Couldn’t Listen to wife Crying talks his worker this is very interesting

This is quite intriguing, but I couldn’t listen to his wife sobbing as their employee spoke.

On March 20, during the libel trial, the officer testified that he had observed multiple arguments between the musician and his ex-girlfriend Amber Rubinstein during the course of their relationship. Malcolm claimed that throughout their relationship, he had seen the performer’s demeanor change radically. I could see Amber wanted to be the partner that wore the pants,” he alleged. “Amber may become agitated at any time if things weren’t exactly correct.”

Fraser claimed he could see how the Buccaneers of the Caribbean actor and Amber’s relationship developed. she was changing in front of my eyes, and I could see how they changed as the days went on. I could do it, I think.

During her listening, the staff member stated that he frequently witnessed disputes. “Without this equipment, I could see inside some hotels for days.” There was listening to her voice. I may have heard yelling and weeping, but it was still happening, he stated. “I think I can almost hear her crying.”

He claimed that Rose had been “competent” and “kind” in her interactions with him despite listening to the arguments. When asked if he’d ever heard someone become physically hostile with each other in front of security personnel, Malcolm said that almost everyone would not do so.

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