In identical turtleneck sweaters Kourtney and Travis Travis are a cloning pair photo

Kourtney and Travis Travis are a cloning duo in matching turtleneck sweaters

Kourtney Kourtney and her fiance Scott Barker were pictured on April 3rd strolling through Milan, Italy while donning comparable turtleneck sweaters. They held hands softly and were casually attired in black sweatshirts and sweatpants. The zombie’s hands were printed on the sweatshirts’ left breast, and the same decoration was placed on the upper left thigh of the sweatpants. The palms seemed to spell out the letter “LA.”

She wore black sunglasses and styled her hair in a casual udo with a brown claw clip. She added a tiny black purse as an accessory to her carefree appearance.

The two came in Rome on March 27 for an undisclosed reason. After spotting a photo from inside a church on Travis’ Instagram feed, fans assumed that they would be touring potential wedding venues. Even though they weren’t dressed alike, the pair looked terrific together. The Blink-182 rocker had a gray large blazer jacket, black jeans, and a black graphic tee.

Posh CEO went with a tough black leather jacket. His look was finished off by black eyeglasses with a double gold chain.

Rome appears to be a specific place for the two lovers. Readers might remember them going on a composite journey through the Riviera, Florence, and Venice in the middle of 2021. The retreat undoubtedly caused tension between Kourtney and her ex Scott Thing, who is said to have sent her other boyfriend, Younes Bedtime, a brief note to express his disapproval with the situation.

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