John T. is having a nice walk with his kids and they are all smiling and looking just happy and joyful

John T. is out for a stroll with his kids, who are all grinning and seems really happy and content.

Easter was celebrated by J. Travolta, his sister Ella, and Benjamin in 2004. The family with children appeared to be quite happy together in a nice video that the 68-year-old artist shared on Instagram.

John and Ella each received an enormous stuffed hare, while Benjamin held their recently adopted dog, Mac N Cheese. John responded, “Hey folks,” and his kids replied, “Happy Holidays!” as they all smiled at the camera.

Unfortunately, Jett, John Preston’s late kid, and his ex-partner Kelly were unable to join in the Easter festivities. After a two-year battle, she passed away in the spring of 2020. She had a seizure while on vacation in the Bahamas and passed away at the age of 16 in January 2009. John remembered his youngest son, Jett, on April 13, which could have been his 30th birthday.

On Instagram, the Sat Night Fever singer wrote, “My beloved Jetty, I love him more so than words can say,” beside a black-and-white old photo of him and Jett.

“I worry about you every day.” Congratulations on your great day. “Dear Father, with love.”

“Dearest Kelly, you delivered into my life 3 of the most lovely babies I have ever known,” he wrote on Instagram in May 2021. “I’m grateful. You are beloved and deeply loved by us. Enjoy your Mother’s Day.

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