Katie H. was noticed K issing Artist B. Wooten third As She Introduced Him To Her Mom

As she introduced Artist B. Wooten to her mother, Katie H. saw that he was third.

It seems that Katie H. has discovered a new romantic interest. THESE Pictures depict the 42-year-old hugging and shaking hands with musician Bobby W. III on Thursday, April 28 in New York. Her mother, Kathy H., met the happy couple and gave the man a hug once while they were out together.

According to the pictures, Katie and Bobby, who appeared to be dating, boarded the subway to visit Central Park and the Guggenheim Museum. For their nighttime stroll across New York City, Katie and her new partner were both dressed properly.

The Dawsons were dressed in beige jumpsuits with matching tops, a light lavender jumper, white sneakers, and black eyeglasses. He wore a white pair of jeans, a context menu shirt, shoes, and spectacles. He is an accomplished bassist. He reportedly played on several Broadway productions and performed for Carly R. Jepson and Jey Lo. He and Katie have followers on Instagram right now, although it’s unclear how and when their series got started.

Katie’s most recent scandal involved restaurateur Emilio Vitolo J., 34. Approximately 9 weeks into their relationship, the pair split up in May 2021.

“Their romance fizzled out quickly. They “realized they’re perfectly okay being friends,” a source told Us Weekly. The individual said, “There was no drama surrounding the divorce, and they’ve been friends.

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