Mike Tyson аllеgеdlу strսск a man twice on a flight after a customer irritаtеd him View the photos

In the past, Mike Tyson beat a passenger up on a flight by punching him twice. See the pictures

He should not be treated lightly. On a Jet aircraft on Wednesday night from San Francisco to Miami, a man apparently bothered the renowned fighter, and he learned his lesson the hard way. He was annoyed that when they were sitting in their seats, a female passenger, who was allegedly intoxicated, took a picture with the famous boxer and shouted something in his ear. He then started to violently strike the male student in the head, according to TMZ.

A second traveler videotaped the entire incident. The video, which can be seen HERE, shows Michael getting up and punching the man in the face from above his seat. The person who was recording the video can also be heard shouting, “Hello, hey, hey, Hey, come on!”

After the disaster, he reportedly left the aircraft “quickly.” He appeared to stay in San Francisco as the passengers boarded the aircraft and took off for the Lone Star state. Before reporting the crime to the authorities, the passenger who was nailed by Mike apparently received medical attention for his wounds. Regarding the assault, Mike’s whereabouts are unclear. We’ve been in touch with Jet, the police, and Mike’s rep for comments.

This is what happens when a boxer loses control of themselves.

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