Over the course of three years A. Heard’s former chief of staff claims she have never seen any scrapes or scars on the actresses’ faces

The former chief of staff for A. Heard maintains that in three years, she never observed any cuts or scars on the faces of the actresses.

The libel trial between J. Depp and A. Heard took an odd turn on Thursday, April 14. According to the Daily Mail, Amber’s former bodyguard K. James admitted during a deposition in the case that she had not seen any wounds or scars on Amber throughout her time working as an executive assistant from 2012 to 2015.

In her testimony, Kate not only said that she never saw Amber without cuts or bruises throughout her time working with her, but she also recalled incidents in which Amber had been aggressive toward her, most notably one in which the Aquaman actor was upset with her for lounging around. She “totally lost her mind.” verbal abuse, yelling, and screaming DM quotes Kate as saying, “(It was) a blind rage.

“Amber’s alleged ‘exploitative’ behavior happened again when Kate asked for a raise.

She sprang out of my chair and came within four inches of my face, lecturing me on how I could possibly demand the pay I was asking for.

She said, “She thought she had the right to spit on my head because of that.” Kate added that, other from the incidents involving Amber, the actor had never claimed that Johnny had hit her throughout her time working as a waitress.

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