Rose Rock who is Chris Rock’s mom announces smth after W. Smith hit her son If you h it mу sоn you h it mе

After W. Smith hit her son, Chris Rock’s mother, Rose Rock, makes an announcement. If you hit me, you hit my sibling.

The mother of Rose R. C. Rock has commented on the Will Smith slap controversy. Will always hit me when he hit Chris, Rose told Virginia’s 10 News, “but he hit all of us when he hit Chris.” She said, “You hurt me when you hurt my child.”

According to the 77-year-old, Chris is “still digesting” the terrible incident that took place during the live broadcast of the Awards Show on March 27, and she is “really, sincerely delighted” with how and why the 57-year-old humor acted. Chris, for example, had been silent about the matter, but at his hanging performance in Boston, Massachusetts a few days later, he admitted that he was “thinking” and that he “didn’t have a lot of s— prepared” to deal with it. Furthermore, he is.

In retaliation for a G.I. Jane joke made at the bald Jada Colour Gamut by Will, Chris’ mother indicated how much she would say to her son.

I’m at a loss for words other than, “And how in the world have you beginning to think?” Because you slapped me, but too many other things could have happened, she said. If Chris had taken a step back, he might have fallen. You might have been led away while being handcuffed.

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