S. Whitfield from the Real Housewives says she begged Kandi B. not to blame Phaedra

The Real Housewives’ S. Whitfield claims she begged Kandi B. not to blame Phaedra.


The Real Ladies of Atlanta’s Sheree W. discussed why she wanted a break from the series and why now would be the best time for a comeback on the April 28 episode of Pay Attention, Shee!, HollywoodLife’s Desperate Housewives program. She also discussed who, in her opinion, will cause the most unrest in Seas 14 and why she is happy Marlo H. obtained her fruit.

Sheree stated her hope for Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Holloway to be able to put their long-standing enmity behind them with regard to significant past events. Fans may remember that Phaedra spread a story that Kandi had taken the drug and was using it to take advantage of her co-star P. Williams. The claim was broadcast during a lunch date between Porsha and Kandi in Season 9, but Porsha omitted to specify where it came from.

Viewers discovered during the four-part homecoming that Phaedra is actually the one who brought the accusation, and Kandi ran out in tears when she realized the truth. After the reconciliation, Phaedra was fired, and she hasn’t made up for her Kandi.

Sheree responded, “I honestly think it’s bad, but I see all viewpoints,” when we asked her how she felt about the current disagreement.

I brought up the subject with Kandi because I had mentioned it to her.

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