The Upper eye track Trick by HER Is Brilliant See photos her brand is one of the beat ones

Her brand is one of the best ones, and her upper eye track trick is brilliant.

Her lovely face company, Not Everyday Elegance, has gained in popularity since following its launch in the fall of 2021, it quickly became a favorite of both professionals and amateurs. She is now taking to Twitter to showcase another one of her many great cosmetic hacks, this time for applying lower eye cream. Some products, like the Soft Touch Liquid Rosé, have all become viral staples of all kinds of makeup tricks.

She posted the video to her page and explained how she uses only high-end cosmetics to achieve her “basic fast see.”

She starts by applying two shades of the most recent Good White Light Moisturizer, painting good goldish lines around her eyes without the yellow tint, and finishing with a dash of mascara.

She grabs a set of pliers, a tweezer, and snags a tiny bit of the Brilliant Strokes Worldwide Volumizing Lashes paintbrush color. She then distributes it in sections to her bottom lashes for a lush, ’60s inspired feathery effect. Don’t get too close to your eye when using those tweezers—they may seem a little harsh at first, but after you see the final result, you’ll want to utilize them!

To give eyelashes more punch and make them stand out, apply lipstick in groups to the bottom eyes.

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