There are a ot of cats that have different colors on them and it turns out they mean smth

Many cats have various colors on them, and it turns out that these colors each signify something.

Cats come in a wide range of shapes, proportions, and colors. With contrasting hues on their claws, ears, eyes, and perhaps even tail, some cats have unique coats. If you’ve ever seen this on a cat, you’ve probably encountered one with colored spots. What other reason do cats have color pts? This unique variation in fur color confounds some cat lovers. There are a few possible reactions to this subject…

Everything is genetic, much as the majority of cat (and human!) appearances. This serves as the basis for our kitty’s distinct personality and gorgeous coat.

An air temperature mutation led to the development of color spots. The gene is the root cause of albinism. This suggests that the gene prevents the development of pigment in a cat’s coat. However, this gene is effectively dormant in areas where the heat of a cat is too low because of its sensitivity to body temperature.

This explains why a cat could have dark-colored fur on its temples, claws, and other regions. These body parts are far cooler than, say, the stomach of a cat.

Surprisingly, the temperature outside affects this gene as well. The coat color of cats with the hue spot gene is more vivid.

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