This clever cat should be praised for saving the life of all family members by making them wake up

By forcing everyone in the household to wake up, this cunning cat deserves appreciation for saving their lives.

A couple’s pet fuzzy kitten helped them escape their burning home in the middle of the night. At 3:30 on Friday morning, the household cat discovered the fire. The cat entered the family’s bedroom while they were sleeping, biting the mother on the shoulder to let her know, according to the Edmonton Journal.

According to the Municipality of Grand Pré Department in Calgary, Canada, the cat was essential to the evacuation. Trev Grant, the fire marshal for the District of Grande Prairi, said in a press release that “a creature has been acknowledged with informing a couple today of a wildfire in the residence.” The pair successfully leaves the residence uninjured.

A second cat was also saved from the flames by the police.

W. Vavrek, a photojournalist, arrived to document the tragedy some time after firefighters started putting out the entire fire. When we arrived, there was smoke coming from the camper, Vavrek said Cnbc.

He managed to get personnel from the Sexsmith, Dunes, and Clairmont units fighting to stop the fire from spreading to the bottom of the trailer apartment.

As he sat at the front of the home, he saw one of the children’s cats being carefully huged down the front stairs by a number of the firemen.

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