Velvet Trousers and a Lace Appear in GG’s Anniversary outfit

GG’s anniversary attire includes lace and velvet pants.

Although GG is accustomed to dressing fiercely, her most recent look is really gorgeous. The model was photographed on Saturday night while celebrating her anniversary with family and friends and was wearing a detailed lace gown.

She managed to pull off the face suit while she was getting ready for some pictures in a restaurant in New York. She was dressed in a ground-white lace coat with trailing, fluttering sleeves. She wore the swirly-patterned cloak with her bra and tights.

To complete the ensemble, Gigi wore lotion heels and a ton of diamond earrings. She wore a matte lip and wing liner to complete her gorgeous look. Her hair was pulled back in a low, curling ponytail. Her sister and other family members were there during her birthday celebration. Before the event, Bella was caught buying a bouquet of flowers.

In a letter to her sister, she later said on Snapchat, “Commend you for becoming the finest sister, parent, child, human bean ever.” You never cease to amaze me, and I can’t help but smile while thinking how lucky I am to be your little sister.

While at the party, she grinned for pictures with her closest friends, including MUA Pat Ta. “Happy Anniversary Princess,” Pat wrote next to a photo of the couple.

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