“From an old woman to a total beauty!” 80-year-old grandmother changed her appearance beyond recognition with the help of makeup

For some people, makeup is an alternative version of plastic surgery. It can leave people speechless and can change someone’s appearance for 100%.

Makeup Artist Transforms Her 80-year-old Grandma Into 'Glam-Ma'

This 80-year-old woman is not an exception. The makeup artists did various experiments and made this 80-year-old woman an attractive young “lady.” She looked 20 years younger.

Glam-Ma, the 80-year-old contouring grandma, is back with new makeup looks  | Stuff.co.nz

The internet users were shocked by the results and after her photos, many old women started visiting salons and working on their appearance more often.

Tea Flego's Grandma Livia gets an incredible makeup transformation

Women like to experiment but they should remember one thing: Natural beauty always wins.


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