A firefighter rescues his 2-year-old kid from drowning, only to lose him five days later…

A firefighter from Georgia saved a 2-year-old child from drowning. The father gave the child a fair chance after he performed CPR for 30 minutes while waiting for an emergency.

Firefighter Josh Ingram and his family had just returned from his week-long retreat at their lakeside home in Oklahoma. After a short vacation, it’s time to pack up and go home.

But what was supposed to be a wonderful Sunday morning turned out to be a terrible day. Josh was standing near the lake when he accidentally felt that his 2-year-old son was not spotted anywhere. He saw his child drowning in the water. The Firefighter dove in and pulled the child out of the water. The Georgians didn’t know how long their son Briggs had been at sea. Nevertheless, his father, well-trained to save lives, immediately started CPR on him.

Josh gave the child CPR for 30 minutes until the ambulance arrived. According to Norton, Briggs’ breathing started slow but eventually faded out.

Briggs’ parents hoped doctors would give them the good news about their son’s recovery. Briggs’ mother, Messiah Hurston Ingram, posted a photo of her son with the message, “I am realistic. I expect miracles.”

After five days of hoping for a full recovery for baby Briggs, the fire department announced that 2-year-old Briggs had died.

The Ingram family mourned the death of his son and asked for privacy in condolences. However, they are grateful for the support they have received from the residents of Bremen, Georgia.

The Bremen Fire Department has launched its GoFundMe page for the Ingram family. The Ingram family unexpectedly raised $20,000 to help with their son’s hospital bills and current funeral.

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