Prince Harry and Meghan adopt abused beagle rescued from mass breeding facility

Meet Mama Mia, the newest addition to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s growing brood. She currently lives an adorable life in her sprawling California mansion.

But life wasn’t always so great for this royal pup.
Mama Mia is one of 4,000 beagles known to have been rescued from a horrific kennel facility in Virginia run by Envigo. This was no ordinary puppy mill either the dogs were bred for the sole purpose of being used as laboratory animals!

7-year-old Mama Mia lives up to her name as a mother to multiple puppies.

Harry and Meghan had already rescued a beagle named Guy and immediately jumped into action when they heard there were plenty of them available for adoption. And since they have a lush 7 acres of greenery surrounding their home in Montecito, their new doggy could do zoomies for days and still have plenty to explore.

But instead of picking out one of Mia’s 8 adorable puppies to take home, the couple instead fell in love with Mia herself!
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