Super mom with many children: a young woman gave birth to 9 children at once

It’s wonderful when two children are born at the same time. But it is also a difficult test for the female body. Even rare is the birth of triplets. But moms can also surprise those around them!

Halima Cisse did not expect that in one visit she would become the mother of many children. She was 25 and just wanted to experience the joy of motherhood. As a result, nine children now seek love and attention in her home. Five of them are girls.

It was decided to perform a cesarean section. The doctor did an unbelievable thing! In such a difficult situation, they saved the life of every baby. However, immediately after birth, the children were placed in an oxygen chamber.

After all, such a small creature required special care and support. A little later, as her daughters and sons grew stronger, Halima could finally hope to return home.

Perhaps having so many children is associated with African roots. However, some experts have not committed to specifically looking for associations with breed characteristics.

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