Why Diane Keaton Never Married but Chose to Raise Two Children Alone at 50

One of Hollywood’s most iconic women has never been married. Her decision, even if irrational, is a lesson in choosing her happiness.

For decades, Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton has played lead female roles alongside some of Hollywood’s finest actors such as Al Pacino and Steve Martin. However, off-screen, she has been vocal about her decision that the actress will never marry.

The 76-year-old actress’s determination dates back to her childhood. She shared noticing the unequal power relationship between her parents when she was young, and Keaton felt her mother put her family before her dreams. Therefore, she chose not to marry.

Keaton has dated many leading actors, including Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty, but the actress values ​​her independence.

Despite Diane Keaton’s unconventional (and highly uncharacteristic) attitude towards marriage, her views on her family changed in later years. When Keaton’s father passed away, the actress experienced her motherhood awakening and at the age of 50, she decided to adopt.
In 1996, she adopted her daughter, Dexter. Five years later, at the age of 55, she adopted her son Duke. 
Diane Keaton’s eldest son, Dexter, chose not to follow the Hollywood path like his mother. Instead, Dexter White attended the University of Arizona and has managed to keep her private life out of the spotlight (aside from making several red-carpet appearances with his mother)!

In October 2021, Dexter married Jordan White and posted wedding photos. Diane Keaton famously wore her suit and hat with white pants. the source says so
Dexter keeps her followers updated via her Instagram account @mrs.whitenoize. 

Like his sister, 22-year-old Duke has chosen to stay out of the public eye. As far as we know, Duke enjoys photography as much as her mother did. Keaton has published many photo books, including California Romantica and Reservation.
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