Justin is lucky! Jеss’ biкini сսrves are аmazing

Justin’s fortunate. Jesse’s bikini dishes are incredible.

Actress Jessica Biel rose to fame thanks to her roles in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Rules of Attraction, and The Illusionist. Her crime thriller miniseries Candy from 2022 is only one example of her successful TV work. Jessica manages to balance her hectic career and life as a mom of two while occasionally finding a moment to unwind at the beach or by the pool while donning a stunning bikini or swimsuit.

The Minnesota native shared an underwater selfie of herself and her husband Justin Timberlake on Instagram to mark his birthday in January 2019. Jessica was smiling for the camera and wearing a pink and white ruffled swimsuit top when the picture was taken. “Since the days of weird pink ruffled bikinis and underwater photo shoots, you have been feeding my life with so much fun and laughter that I blame YOU for my grin lines,” Jessica wrote in the description of her photo at the time.

I wouldn’t trade them for anything, though. I take great delight in wearing them because I know that having the opportunity to hear your humor, thoughts, and voice every day makes me the luckiest person alive. Happy birthday to the person who inspires me to imagine blue oceans! I treasure you. Before she became an A-list celebrity, Jessica was an active little girl who often played soccer and trained as a gymnast. Jessica has acknowledged that she suffers with the limitations society places on women’s bodies. Jessica emits a grounded and confident demeanor.

The Total Recall actor revealed, “I deal with [body image issues] every day,” in an October 2005 interview with Cosmopolitan. “Shooting the bikini scene [in stealth] was challenging. Everybody has areas of their bodies they dislike, and for me, those areas are my legs, thighs, and buttocks. I so decided to try and be ok with it when certain areas were exposed. Jessica acknowledges that she struggled with body confidence at the time, but she posted a nice black-and-white photo of herself on Instagram wearing a stylish two-piece with a floral print.

I know I’ve been sharing a lot about @cruelsummer, but what about gloomy summer? she captioned the picture in July 2021. The Hitchcock actress also encouraged women who had struggled with low self-esteem because of their appearance to love themselves. She stated, “We’re all diverse, we all have different forms and sizes,” in the “Then Who Will?” Q&A for her WomanCare Global campaign in December 2020. “Everyone of us deals with the same issues and goes through the same daily experiences. But we are all individually distinct. The truth is that we are unique and amazing because of it. I think it’s easy to desire to appear a certain way when you see certain things in magazines and other such media.

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