Niոа shоws off her gymnastics skills in a one-piece swimsսit

Nia displays her gymnastics prowess while swimming in a one-piece outfit.

Traveling is something Nina Dobrev adores, and thankfully, whenever she spends time in the sun, she always brings a selection of stunning bikinis. The former Vampire Diaries star loves to spend time at the beach and by her backyard pool with her family, and she is always happy to share images with her followers.

The snowboarding Olympic gold medalist Shaun White has been dating the actress for more than two years. They have taken numerous exotic trips together. In March 2022, after his participation in his final Winter Games, she showed off a scorching white bikini when the couple was on vacation in Costa Rica.

Nina has visited the country several times and counts it among her favorite vacation destinations; after each trip, she sent biкini photographs. She displayed her amazing body in yet another gorgeous two-piece during a visit in 2018. Due to her keen curiosity in the world, the Fam actress frequently brings viewers along on her travels. Whether she’s in the Caribbean, Portugal’s beaches, or a South African safari, Nina is a fantastic bikini queen.

The brunette beauty is used to packing her workout gear when she travels for both business and pleasure in order to maintain her fit and attractive shape. When the COVID-19 lockdowns happened in the spring of 2020, Nina was forced to make adjustments. She had to think of a way to make her home more conducive to exercise.

Nina acknowledged to Shape in October 2021 that she utilized a personal trainer and a variety of different tools to maintain her physical fitness. When the epidemic first began, Nina realized that she relied heavily on outside resources for her fitness and that she used a personal trainer. However, when I went home, I realized I didn’t have much [gym equipment] there, so I got in a rush. The Love Hard actress spent money on weights, a Pilates machine, a treadmill, and a SoulCycle at-home bike in order to advance her acting career.

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