To take care of her special son teh woman lost 112 pounds and became a real beauty

An American girl named Krista Francis adored food. He found it very pleasurable like all other people but sometimes ate more than needed.

Krista Francis (@kagedwoman) / Twitter

Soon she passed the border of 200 pounds. She looked older than her friends. She gave birth to her son Ezra at the age of 23 and reached 385 pounds as she stayed at home more and get obsessed with food.

This Woman Shares How She Lost Almost 250 Pounds and Got Swole

She had to care for her son all day long as he was born with a musculoskeletal issue from birth. Soon Krista could pass the doorway holding her child in her hands. So she understood it was time to lose weight. She began working out day and night and soon her first results became obvious. Now she weighs 63 kg.


Krista Francis (@kagedwoman) / Twitter


She transformed from a fat woman to an attractive beauty. This is how her child motivated her to lose weight and became even more attractive.

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