Victօria designs her clothes herself. The swimsսit selеction is amazing

Victria creates all of her own clothing. Amazing selection of swimsuits

One of Victoria Beckham’s favorite locations to hang out with her family is the beach. The fashion designer is known for her many Instagram images of herself lounging in the sun at home wearing her cutest bikinis, sailing with her husband David Beckham, and visiting Miami, Florida, with their four kids. Having earned the nickname Posh Spice during her time with the Spice Girls, Victoria launched her own apparel brand in 2008. Since then, the accessories market for apparel has expanded to encompass jewelry, eyewear, and eventually, household items.

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper’s parents are the recording artist and her soccer player husband, who also runs a successful business. Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper are frequently depicted in adorable images on her Instagram. In an interview with Elle in August 2011, the “Out of Your Mind” singer shared an intriguing tidbit about balancing her crazy schedule. She remarked, “When I’m here in London, which is for about a week every month, it’s really, really full-on.” I often wear a dressing gown or a bikini when using Skype to speak with my coworkers after I return to the United States.

Victoria seeks advice from her social media fans when deciding what to wear to important events and when making decisions about her clothing brand. I adore interacting with them on Instagram. It’s a fantastic platform for me to receive real-time feedback on my collections and understanding of what consumers want from their clothes, she previously told

Victoria has graced the covers of various magazines, and some of her most recognizable photos show her donning chic bikinis and beachwear. The diva is a successful businesswoman in the cosmetics sector and adores beachwear and glamour. She talked about the inspiration behind Victoria Beckham Beauty in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar from January 2020.

Since I can remember, she insisted, “I’ve been obsessed with skincare, makeup, and wellness.

But I couldn’t find any pristine beauty. What on earth is that? It is really hazy. In addition to focusing on the ingredients in the formulas, I wanted to create a brand for the future that was sustainable. Making certain that everything was extremely inclusive was a crucial component as well. All ages and skin tones were catered for when it came to skincare and makeup.

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