You know exactly all the curves of Dakota, but still continue to look at her in a swimsսit

Despite being aware of Dakota’s curves, you keep staring at her while she swims.

The Fifty Shades of Grey series made extensive use of Dakota Johnson’s physique, but in real life, she is far more demure. The actress rarely appears in swimsuit photos because, unlike many other celebrities, she doesn’t share bikini selfies or other pictures of her personal life on social media.

Dakota likes to travel to coastal areas like the Miami area, the Hamptons, and the South of France. She favors simple, form-fitting bikinis that show off her toned body while still allowing her to take a refreshing swim in the ocean. When Dakota was offered the part of Anastasia in the Fifty Shades trilogy, she started doing Pilates and cardio. I had to look good in my underpants, of course. She said to Glamour in 2015, “I definitely get why people work out now; it feels great.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota’s co-stars worked out together, according to Dakota, because they both wanted to look their best during their passionate, clothe-free scenes. She went on to say that Ana’s body should match that of a healthy college student. I exercised a lot and had more waxing done than any woman should. She told the outlet about her fitness, “Maintaining the same level of energy and eating healthily” was key. When it came to the infamous naked scenes in the movie, Dakota didn’t even blink.

Nudity is tremendously exciting for an actress, she told Vogue before the 2017 release of Fifty Shades Darker. Working with Jamie for so long was such a close-knit team. There were no limitations, and it was genuinely reliable and honest. But what a danger, really! What if he had turned out to be a total d-k? There is no makeup. Without clothes, you can discover a little bit about the narrative. No jewelry exists to represent social rank. Thus, the act itself becomes the main emphasis,” the brunette beauty explained.
Dakota was aware that for the story to be properly told, nudity had to be a part of it. Maybe I look at these things more from a European angle.

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