James Dean and Pierre Angeli: The Holywood’s saddest actor Roma

James Dean was one of the most handsome and charismatic American actors. The Holywood star melted many girls’ hearts.

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He and the Italian actress Pierre Angeli had an affair while filming together. They loved each other very much but the girl’s mother was against it and they should keep their affair a secret.

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Despite her mother’s pressure and control, Pierre couldn’t resist her love and continued meeting with James. They planned a secret wedding together but her mother arranged her daughter’s marriage sooner.

dai on Twitter: "• James Dean y Pier Angeli se conocieron casualmente en un  cruce de escenarios cuando él filmaba "East of Eden" y ella "The Silver  Chalice", en 1954. Fue un

While James was filming in New York, Pierre’s mother arranged her marriage to the singer Vic Damone. When James heard the news he rushed to interfere but it was too late as he saw them on their wedding day and could do nothing.

Pier Ángeli no pudo casarse con su gran amor, James Dean - Chic

The couple was supposed to film together but James died in a motorcycle accident before that day came. Jams died at the age of 24.


Soon Pierre divorced as her husband turned out to be very abusive and didn’t let her continue filming. Unfortunately, the actress also died very early, at the age of 39. They would probably meet in heaven.

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