Cat Discovered In A Field Cuddles Her Rescuers and Refuses To Let Go

When Chimera was a young kitten, she and her littermates were abandoned in a field without anyone to look after them, which was frightening and dangerous.

Fortunately, a kind family came to their aid and was able to transport them into the warm embrace of an animal rescuer and her son.

This would turn out to be the beginning of an incredible friendship that would forever alter Chimera’s life.

Malia and her husband were watching their son play baseball at a field in New York.

When Malia saw a group of people reacting to something on the field and realized they had spotted a litter of tiny kittens, she hurried over to assist. Malia wasn’t expecting to be saving a life that day, let alone several.


There was no sign of a mother cat anywhere, and the kittens were extremely young and defenseless.

Malia and her husband quickly made the decision to save the group of frightened and malnourished kittens, so they got in touch with Sunny, a local cat rescuer.

Malia and her family jumped in their car and drove the entire litter of kittens to Sunny’s house after Sunny agreed to foster the animals.

The malnourished and flea-infested kittens received the love and attention they so desperately needed there.


Sunny and her son CJ gave the kittens a nice bath and bottle-fed them.

The kittens initially had such weak health, but they quickly recovered.

Although they were so young that they required care around-the-clock, it was soon apparent that they were flourishing under Sunny and CJ’s excellent supervision.

The kittens’ behavior and energy levels changed after just one day, and CJ started to suspect that one of them was different.


He felt a deep connection to a tiny tortie kitten who was speaking to him on a deeper level.

Chimera, the kitten, appeared to share these sentiments as she grew close to CJ and incessantly demanded his attention.


Chimera always made it clear how upset and angry she was whenever she was taken from CJ and how happy and at ease she was whenever she got to cuddle in his arms.


CJ was the one who gave the kitten the name Chimera and who ultimately begged Sunny to take the kitten in.

Sunny hadn’t intended to keep any of the kittens; she had only intended to foster them until they were ready for adoption.

But since Chimera and CJ had grown to love each other so much, there was no way they could abandon her.

In an interview with Love Meow, Sunny said, “He fell in love with her and begged me to keep her.”

He was right, Chimera belonged with them, and she knew it.

As a result, Chimera’s siblings gradually found their ideal families, while Chimera remained put because she had already done so.

Chimera has proven to be a very cheeky kitten who enjoys pulling pranks on people and getting into mischief, but when she is around CJ, she becomes incredibly soft and loving.

Although Chimera is now an adult cat, her affection for CJ is still unwavering.

She clearly values CJ above all else in her life and is devoted to him with all of her heart.

Naturally, CJ adores his naughty little pet and is incredibly proud of the wonderful cat she has grown into.

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