Grandpa brings his young dog to a furniture store to ensure that she likes the new chair as well.

Small dogs are likely to enjoy curling up next to you in your favorite chair and never leaving your side, just like this grandpa and his dog Coco do.

When the Grandpa is at home, they cohabitate, and Coco never leaves his side—especially when he is sitting in his favorite chair.
Aleecia Dahl, the man’s niece, explained in an interview with The Dodo that her grandfather recently needed to buy a new chair. Wanting his dog to be comfortable as well, he decided to bring Coco to several stores in search of a chair that had a footrest big enough to fit them both.

Coco was actually made to test every chair that seemed to fit their needs by the man, and the dog, who was greeted with a smile in every shop, seemed to enjoy the attention everyone paid to her.

Fortunately, they were able to find what they were looking for in the end and purchased a chair that would comfortably fit both of them for a very long time.

Years ago, Grandpa didn’t even own a dog, but these days he simply cannot live without his adorable friend Coco, and the two of them now have a cozy chair where they can relax and take naps.


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