A box of strawberries is the cat’s preferred sleeping companion.

One day, cat-mom Carly Cox was shocked to see her little furry child displaying a keen interest in her groceries when she returned from the store.

She soon realized that the object singing its siren song in Remus’s ear was a pack of strawberries.

The carton of red, juicy berries appeared to be completely captivating to the 10-year-old cat for some reason.

Cox seized the box and called her sister, a veterinarian, because she was unsure whether strawberries were safe for cats.

After hearing from Cox’s sister that Remu’s was free to play with the strawberries, Cox returned the box to him.

Remus was ecstatic when he got the box of strawberries.

Remus didn’t appear interested in eating the berries, so it wasn’t as if he had a sudden craving for something sweet and fruity. He preferred to just rub against them and toss them around like little toys.

He now prefers the strawberries over any other kind of toy because they have become his obsession.

All day long, he will play and rub against them. When he is exhausted, he will curl up next to them and go to sleep with them.
It may seem strange to have a pack of strawberries as a security blanket, but there may be a scientific justification for Remus’s odd bedfellow; some people theorize that strawberries and catnip are related!

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