Office employees learn that a cunning “Surveillance Cat” has been watching them.

Cats are renowned for being cunning, which is one of the reasons why particularly cunning burglars are known as cat burglars.

An unexpected cat attack on a group of Japanese office workers served as a reminder of this fact.

However, this cunning cat wasn’t stealing anything. He was conducting surveillance with the help of his stealth.

An office worker unintentionally noticed that a small face was staring down at him through a hole in the ceiling, which led to the discovery of the kitty’s surveillance scheme.

He took a quick photo of the cat and sent it to a coworker, who in turn posted it on Twitter and made a lighthearted comparison to a security camera.

Since then, the adorable CCTV camera’s hilarious pictures have gone viral on Twitter and are making everyone laugh.

Maybe the cat was just making sure that everyone was paying attention and giving it their all.

If we knew this adorable cat was watching out for us, we’re sure we’d all put in better effort.

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