Black bra and naked vest! Margo in a daring way became the star of the red carpet

Bare vest and a black bra! Margo bravely rose to the top of the red carpet.

At the Chanel cruise show in Los Angeles, the 32-year-old actress made an appearance. Margot Robbie makes a statement while wearing a skimpy outfit.

The Hollywood actress with Australian ancestry has emerged as one of the social event’s most dazzling stars. Margo has registered to attend the yearly Chanel Cruise fashion show.

The red carpet at Paramount Studios was walked by her. Robbie selected clothing and accessories from a prestigious French brand in accordance with the dress requirements.

The actress wore a sophisticated metallic chain vest over a black bustier, which she looked stunning in and which offered no means of concealment. Classic high-waisted blue flared pants and black stiletto sandals were worn with the daring shirt.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress flaunted her toned physique and well defined abs.

With her, Robbie took the famous Chanel quilted bag, made of matte black leather. She completed her look with several gold bracelets. Margo got a radiant makeover with thick blush and chocolate-colored lipstick. Her blond long hair was styled in curly locks and left to cascade over her shoulders.

Robbie brought the renowned Chanel quilted purse, made of matte black leather, with her. She added many gold bracelets to complete her outfit. Margo had a beautiful makeover that included chocolate-colored lipstick and heavy blush. She had long, blond hair that was curled and permitted to fall over her shoulders.

Tom Ackerley, Margot’s 32-year-old husband, accompanied her. In a double-breasted brown jacket, an open-necked shirt, and navy blue pants, the British actor and producer looked sharp.

He decided to hang out at the concert in his attractive wife’s shadow. Margo took a seat in the front row while beaming brightly. Paris Hilton, Elle Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Marion Cotillard, and other celebrities also appeared on the show.

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