Liv’s worst outfit! And it’s not about the image

Liv’s worst ensemble! And it’s not just about the picture.

The Costume Institute event for the 2023 Met Gala took place in New York last night. Which of the stars was unsatisfied with their image? We are certain.

Olivia Wilde is here! Margaret Zhang, an actress and editor of Vogue China, made an appearance wearing identical dresses (the only differences being the color and the presence of a train in one of them).

Margaret chose a black Chloé dress, while Olivia wore a white one. I think Olivia’s expression conveys how “happy” she is.
Today, Olivia is frequently spotted with her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis.

They met on Saturday Night Live, by the way, and began dating in 2011. Two years later, in 2012, the couple became engaged. They also welcomed a daughter, Daisy, in 2016, and a son, Otis, in 2014. The couple nevertheless split up in the fall of 2020.

Some said that the actress’ breakup with Jason was brought on by Harry Styles. Even though Olivia and Harry were together for two years, their relationship did not last. It was revealed that the pair had split up last fall.

However, the pair decided to call it quits in the fall of 2020. Some people believed that Harry Styles was the cause of the actress’s split from Jason. Even Olivia and Harry’s relationship was short-lived; they were only together for two years. The couple’s breakup was made public in the fall of last year.

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