“Leggings, Heavy Bags And Zero Makeup”: What Does Amber Heard, Who Traded Hollywood For Motherhood, Look Like Today!

The Hollywood actress Amber Heard, who went through a public divorce from Johnny Depp, has been out of the public eye for some time, but recently, paparazzi spotted her in a Madrid neighborhood.

Heard vanished from the public eye when her ex-husband lost the libel case, moving to Spain where she has been peacefully residing with their surrogate daughter Una Paige.

According to a close friend of the actress, Amber has unofficially placed her acting career on pause so she may spend more time with her kid and live away from Hollywood’s irritating scandals and media attention. She won’t decline an intriguing offer, though, if it comes her way.

Amber may be seen in the paparazzi images sporting a blouse, leggings, and comfy sneakers while toting a sizable bag on her shoulder.

She pushes her scooter while walking with her daughter, seeming absolutely unremarkable and donning neither elaborate cosmetics nor fashionable clothing. Little Una has also matured and resembles her mother remarkably.

Amber received a diagnosis of infertility a few years ago, but she didn’t stop up on having children. She stated that she is the only legal parent of the infant in a heartfelt statement on her own blog where she also announced the birth of her first kid in 2021.

Amber is currently concentrating on spending quality time with her kid and bringing her up far from the temptations of Hollywood.

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