A woman discovered food left at her front door, but she disregarded the “sign”.

A woman’s front door previously had food leftovers on it. She thought it was a joke at first, so when a policeman explained what it meant, she was shocked.

Food was unexpectedly left on Manchester, United Kingdom resident Maria Celino-Straker’s door. The woman suspected that one of the neighborhood kids or young men had pulled a joke on her when she saw that someone had put a can of red beans on her entryway.

A policeman noted, however, that there might be a motive for the gesture that not many people would have thought of. When she discovered what it was about, the woman was more than surprised.

A policeman explained what this might mean to a woman who found meal leftovers at her front door.

The British woman struggled to ignore what had happened while she cleaned up. Later, she told a relative—who also happened to be a former police officer—what had transpired. The law enforcement official stated that the sign wasn’t just a joke after knowing more about the incident and that it was meant to be taken seriously.


According to the information given by the former police officer, food scraps or other items left at a home’s entrance can be a clear sign that a thief has his eye on the property. The offender confirms that the owners have departed by looking to see if any debris or other goods left behind have been taken away. Otherwise, the thief enters the house knowing no one is there.


Maria Celino-Straker decided to alert her Facebook followers about this information after becoming concerned. The woman reported what had happened to her and what she had learnt from the police in order to warn others about a possible threat.

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