After his son is branded a ‘Monster,’ Idaho dad teaches tormentors a brutal lesson

A typical elementary-aged child is Jackson Bezzant. He’s an upbeat young man who loves to fish, be outside, and be with his family.

Jackson only varies from other kids because he was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition. It affects the development of facial bone and tissue.

In Jackson’s case, this implies that he almost entirely lost his hearing and had surgery to repair his eye socket.

He has also been subjected to ongoing bullying at school from children and even some adults as a result of it. When his father in Idaho learned that his son had been referred to as a “monster” at school, he felt “destroyed.” After that, the angry father finally decided that enough was enough and embarked on a quest to deliver a lesson to the abusers of his kid. Jackson’s father, Dan, has frequently witnessed this bullying.

He remembers hearing a woman exclaim, “Did you see that little boy’s face?” as she passed them while they were strolling down the street with his son.

Dan normally kept his cool and concentrated all of his attention on keeping his son happy and grounded, which is something that any parent would find challenging to do when they saw their child being harassed. Dan was compelled to speak after a recent incident at school because he was unable to keep quiet any longer.

Jackson Bezzant was eating breakfast in the school cafeteria when three bigger males came over.They started calling the small child names like “monster” and “ugly” to make fun of him.

Jackson was subjected to the cruel teasing while he sat there defenseless, until a teaching assistant saw and stepped in to stop it before it became worse.

Dan was inconsolable when he heard the story, but things were far from over.

Undoubtedly, Jackson had experienced bullying in the past, but Dan was determined to make this the last time.Dan was going to make it very apparent to all of the abusers of his son that enough was enough.

He was weary of repeatedly seeing his small son being tormented, mocked, and humiliated, so he hurried to Facebook to post an emotional statement criticizing the bullies.

Dan said:

Dan said, “My soul feels like it’s ripping from my chest and my heart is in bits right now.

“This handsome young guy, my son Jackson, has to put up with a never-ending bombardment of ignorant remarks and insults. His classmates regularly refer to him as a monster, freak, and ugly. He mentions suicide while being under 8 years old!

He asserts that he has no friends and is despised by everyone. Children are pushing him and throwing stones at him while uttering these disgusting remarks. Think about what you would do if this were your child for a moment. Give your children a brief explanation about persons with impairments. Discuss with them the importance of caring for one another.

His condition is known as Treacher Collins. research it even. He has undergone horrible operations before and will do so again, Dan wrote.

Although some may blame the school or the teachers for the bullying Jackson had to experience, Dan doesn’t blame them and he doesn’t want others to either.Instead, he wants to lay the responsibility where it belongs—on the parents who failed to teach their children acceptance, kindness, and compassion.

“I hope parents who read my essay will know my pain. Please inform your youngsters that bullying is not acceptable.Share this, please. Nobody should be through this, Dan remarked.

Jackson was criticized repeatedly for his appearance because he was born with Treacher Collins syndrome.

The rare condition hinders facial bone and tissue formation, causing incorrect growth and glaring abnormalities.

Tragically, he will require numerous other procedures throughout his life.

After hearing Jackson’s note, the students at Jackson’s school reached out to Dan and his family in an effort to make friends with and watch out for the boy.

Thanks to Dan’s inspiring comments, even Jackson was able to connect with two nearby kids who also have the Treacher Collins syndrome. They will meet up right away to have a playdate.

After being overwhelmed by the support, Dan put up a PO box where people could send Jackson letters or cards, and the box has been gradually filling up ever since!

A lot of bullying is probably unintentional because kids occasionally comment on what they see without considering the consequences or how they could make others feel. But as Dan showed, a little knowledge can stop a lot of suffering.

If you believe that bullying is something that should never be tolerated, please SHARE Jackson’s story.

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