Dad gets severely shamed for putting leashes on his 5-year-old quintuplets

Nowadays, it might be challenging to raise children. Young parents must also deal with online criticism of their parenting methods from total strangers in addition to receiving advice from family members.

Five quintuplets were born to young father Jordan Driskell. He is the father of five five-year-old quintuplets. You can probably imagine how demanding it is to raise five kids who are the same age. particularly if the child is 5 years old, curious, and enjoys exploring.

Jordan Driskell, a 31-year-old parent, made the decision to create an original solution to his issue. To control his boisterous young children when they are out in public with him, dad purchased leashes designed for youngsters.

Driskell’s large family had previously utilized a stroller with six seats. But that quickly became tiresome because the kids would be bothered when inside it. Another significant issue was transporting the stroller.

This allows the young children to roam and investigate their surroundings while the family is out, keeping them secure, without their father losing track of them or losing control over them.

After Driskell posted a video of the family’s trip to the aquarium, the parents faced a great deal of backlash. The viral video of the kids on leashes has received over 3 million views. The kids shouldn’t have been on leashes, according to many people, because they weren’t animals.

Others remarked, “Don’t have so many kids if you can’t handle the pressure.”

“Can’t you just properly train your children?” one person mockingly remarked. Explain to them the dangers of running away.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a specialist in parenting and teenage development, had a different opinion. She disputes the claim that putting a leash on your child will make them feel like an animal. Of course, if staying at home is your sole choice, a leash is a much better choice.

A leash is a great tool for keeping young toddlers or children with neurological problems under control in public, according to Dr. Gilboa. However, she cautioned that if a neurotypical child is not autonomous by the ages of eight and nine and has not, thus, polished their listening skills, it might be troublesome.

By then, parents should be able to communicate verbally with children without the use of objects like leashes.

Parents ought to be able to raise their children however they see fit without worrying about unwarranted social criticism.

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Without being concerned about unjustified social criticism, parents should be free to raise their children whatever they feel fit.

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