Mom Delivers Baby, Forbidden From Holding Him Because Something Was Wrong…

In her final year of college, Andrea West found the love of her life.When Andreas finished school, they reunited right away and ultimately traveled to his hometown.


They got engaged and announced Andrea was expecting their first child after only a few years of dating. Andrea was ecstatic.

However, the joy was quickly replaced by melancholy after just eleven weeks. Unfortunately, Andrea had to have a miscarriage. Andrea posted the following on the Love What Matters Facebook page to describe her feelings:

“I was a complete mess. I had no idea what to do, who to talk to, what to talk about, or who could assist me. I had no idea that 1 in 4 women experienced the same problems, and nobody really talks about them. I wasn’t sure if I could ever cope with getting pregnant once more.

Andrea began to feel less nervous as she knew her spouse was by her side at every step. She joyously experienced another pregnancy. She made a commitment to herself that she would be extra careful this time to ensure that her child had a healthy start in life.

She had stopped eating a lot of her favorite foods, like sushi and various cheeses. Additionally, in the hopes that this time would be different, she started consuming pregnancy books like they were going out of style.

She spent her time as she had intended, without incident. She had been due at the hospital when she and her partner were admitted to a delivery room and began to experience minor contractions.

Due to almost no amniotic fluid remaining, her hospital discharge was delayed after an ultrasound. Labor induction was required right away.

Thank God, everything went without a hitch. Andrea and her husband welcomed their son, Adam, before the night was up.

Sadly, Andrea’s partner was never successful in cutting the normal umbilical cord.

Instead, Adam was taken away from his parents amid a flurry of activity involving medical personnel. Andrea’s husband could see their child through the shoulders of the medical staff. There’s something wrong with Adam’s leg, honey,” he said, turning to face Andrea.

Adam, the young boy, was surrounded by about twenty people. Andrea’s worry increased as she awaited an answer.Andrea’s mother and boyfriend rushed outside to alert her relatives while she remained inside the hospital alone. Her infant’s condition is still unresolved; no one has offered an explanation.

On his right leg as well as the right part of his stomach, he had a marbling pattern of purple and black.

After some time, it was determined that Adam’s rare vascular condition, CMTC, was present. Both Andrea’s husband and she were speechless. The condition mentioned had only ever occurred 500 times before their child was born. Adam’s vital organs were subjected to a number of tests, and each produced negative results.

After spending four days in the neonatal intensive care unit, Andrea eventually returned home to rest. Adam received a successful treatment and was then sent home with detailed instructions on how to take care of his skin. But it became clear over time that Adam was a real fighter.

He’s a youthful, healthy man who enjoys playing chess and deciphering puzzles. He has been able to play sports despite his weak leg due to the ailment. Adam is aware of how he is a little different from the other kids, but he has never allowed it stop him.

She tirelessly campaigns for greater public understanding of these disorders and stands up for those who suffer from them.

Please consider sharing Adam’s story and contributing to the charity if you want to assist people who have rare diseases. Your generosity will have a profound effect on those battling rare diseases.

The West family had a rough start because of Adam, but things are OK now.

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