Shannen Doherty provides a heartbreaking cancer update

Shannen Doherty is still viewed as a model of bravery and resiliency. The Beverly Hills 90210 star recently updated her followers on her status and opened up about her struggle with cancer once more. Sadly, she also shared some heartbreaking news.

Doherty developed brain metastases from stage 4 breast cancer.

After overcoming cancer previously, she was rediagnosed in February 2019. Since then, she has chronicled her journey and spoken candidly about the difficulties living with cancer brings.

Doherty uploaded a video of herself having therapy while crying on Tuesday to her Instagram account. The video’s caption opened, “January 12, 2023.”

My ct scan on January 5th revealed that I have Mets in my brain. The process of getting fitted for the mask you wear while receiving radiation to your head was demonstrated in yesterday’s film, according to the caption. “The first round of radiation was administered on January 12.

“It’s clear I’m afraid. There was a lot going on in my life, and I suffer from severe claustrophobia,” 52-year-old Doherty stated. “I am blessed to have excellent medical professionals like Dr. Amin (Mirhadi) and the outstanding Cedar Sinai technicians. But this is what cancer may look like—that worry, that turbulence, that timing.

In a throwback video from January, which she posted the day before, she was getting fitted for a thermoplastic mask that covered her face and neck.

Friends of Doherty offered their assistance and left supportive comments online.

Her touching statement from director Kevin Smith described her as his “irreplaceable friend.” “I’m pulling for you, my special friend. You have always been such a fearless fighter, so it seems sense that you occasionally feel frightened. But after those times have passed, allow that unbreakable Doherty spirit to reign once more. My Mallrat, I adore you so much, he wrote.

In the midst of her cancer fight, Selma Blair prayed for Shannen Dohety to find “wise peace”. One of those who showed their support for the Charmed actress was Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Doherty thanked her friends, including Gellar, in a series of images she posted on social media. The actress described her mother in a recent post as “a beacon of light, an endless well of support and love, and one of my favorite humans.”

Doherty sued her former manager for depriving her of health insurance after receiving her initial diagnosis of breast cancer in 2015, which she said prevented doctors from diagnosing her with the disease sooner. She had negotiated a settlement, it was later revealed.

We sincerely hope that Shannen Doherty will prevail in her fight against cancer.

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