Upsetting Videos Show What The Implosion Of The Titanic Submersible Might Look Like

Since it was revealed that the five crew members of the OceanGate Titan submarine perished in an implosion, many people have been curious about what one may be like.

TikTok users have produced their own simulations and examples of what the implosion appeared like, for better or worse.

The films provide a gloomy peek into what happened below the ocean’s bottom for those who are interested.

Those who lost loved ones on board the Titan submarine may find solace in the idea that it is probable they did not suffer. In one video published on Twitter by @starfieldstudio, the modified OceanGate submersible can be seen sinking before it begins to collapse inward, like a can of Coke.

Recall what Armin Cate of NBC News said about what transpired next: “From what I gather, the submersible imploded. In other terms, the submersible’s front and back were blown off by the water’s powerful force.

You could compare smashing that tube in the middle to crushing a Coca-Cola can.


In the movie, there is a statement that says, “The hull would immediately heat the air in the sub to around the surface of the sun’s temperature, as a wall of metal and seawater smashed one end of the boat to the other, all in around 30 milliseconds.”

The creator of another video by @sincerelybootz explains, “So basically this is what happens when a submarine implodes.”When it comes to the potential loss of any lives on board, it is extremely instantaneous.

Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate who died during the dive, is said to have previously disregarded or discounted cautions regarding the submersible’s safety.

Rob McCallum, a deep sea scientist, has made public his email exchanges with Stockton. In one, he writes, “I believe you might be putting yourself and your clients in a risky scenario. You are emulating the catchphrase “She is unsinkable” as you sprint to the Titanic.

I beg you to use extreme caution and extreme conservatism during your testing and sea trials, he continued.

“We have heard the baseless cries of ‘you are going to kill someone’ way too often,” Stockton retorted. This offends me deeply on a personal level.

The US Navy has just confirmed that an implosion-like sound was audible shortly following the submersible’s loss of contact. The submersible may not have been operating in accordance with international laws, according to some speculation.

The yacht was not classed by a marine industry organization that establishes fundamental engineering criteria, according to The Guardian. This, according to Titan’s owners OceanGate, is because they thought the design was so novel that it would take inspectors years to fully comprehend it.

According to American businessman Jay Bloom, he and his son, like Shahzada Dawood and Suleman Dawood, were in contention to fill the posts that the Dawoods ultimately won.

“I expressed safety concerns and Stockton responded, ‘While there’s obviously risk — it’s way safer than flying in a helicopter or even scuba diving,'” Stockton added.

“He was adamant that it was less dangerous than crossing the street. I’m certain he genuinely thought what he was saying. However, he was dead wrong.

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