This five-day-old Weimaraner puppy sure has a lot to say

Some animals are making the loudest sounds while others are hardly heard. This is proof that animals and humans can share the same characteristics.

Recently Weimaraner puppies were born healthy and happy. They were too cute and their owner shared their videos to show the netizens how adorable they were.

One of the 5 puppies, however, was the cutest one. In the video below the puppies were sleeping I one another and one of them had something to say. The 5-day-old puppy was making some noises but they were very quiet.

@k9trainerashley Story Time! #weimaraner #weimpuppy #puppy #puppytiktok #fyp #SmoothLikeNitroPepsi #puppylove #weimaranersoftiktok #weimaranerpuppy #dogsofttiktok #doglife #puppylife ♬ original sound – K9 Trainer Ashley

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