Chubby Shelter Cat Loves To Stand Like A Person To Beg For Treats

For the chubby shelter cat standing on his back legs seems comfy.

The cat named Bruno was surrendered to Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois in April as he couldn’t get along with his family’s children anymore.

As he was weighing 25 pounds the chubby cat couldn’t run from the children and it made trouble for Bruno.

The overweight cat had some unusual traits. He liked to stand on his hind legs when he was given treats. Though he was weighing more than needed the cat stood like a man which is not that easy for animals.

Besides, Bruno liked to be petted while eating. Though he could eat without being petted he still preferred to be petted. If you didn’t pet him he would stay near you and meow so long that you would pet him and make him enjoy his food.

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