The world’s cutest sheep: Valais Blacknose sheep resemble stuffed toys

It is obvious why Valais Blacknose sheep are considered the prettiest sheep on the globe.

Animal Planet on Twitter: "Valais Blacknose sheep are often called the  cutest sheep in the world ? They are a domestic species originally from  #Switzerland ? ?: BoPeep Valais Blacknose #Photography #Animals #

First of all, it is because of their white fluffy fleece and black hairy cheeks.

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You can’t think that they are true animals as they look so cute and not realistic. They resemble stuffed toys that children play with and some little Valais Blacknose sheep can easily be accepted as a toy.

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These species are native to Switzerland and their thick coats are for keeping warm during the cold winters.

Spooky Nook Valais Sheep | Spooky Nook Farm

Originally these sheep have been bred for their curling wool but soon they melted many hearts and people fell in love with their cute appearance. They are also kept as pets throughout the world.

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